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5 Simple Money-Saving Shopping Tips

5 Simple Money-Saving Shopping Tips

As life gets more expensive, it’s important to save money when you can. This especially applies to your shopping list as things can get costly, very fast. That’s why reebee wants to ensure that you get your money’s worth with these five simple money-saving shopping tips!

Time Your Purchase

Timing your purchase can make a significant impact on the cost of the item you’re purchasing. This is something that many people do not take advantage of. Tip: If you know you’re going to need a winter coat this year, don’t wait until winter to find one. Purchasing a coat in the summer can save you big bucks.

It is also important that you keep track of when items in the category you’re looking for typically go on sale. If you’re in the market for electronics, be aware that the item on your Wish List will likely go on sale during Black Friday. It’s all about timing — if you time your purchase right, you WILL save money.

Create a List and Stick to it!

If you’re going shopping, it’s a helpful tactic to not only plan the trip, but to stick to that plan no matter how tempting it may be to stray. If you’re shopping for groceries, prepare your list in advance. This can keep you from purchasing items in the spur of the moment that you might not need.

You must have discipline with this plan — stay true to the list you’ve created. Otherwise, you may end up with a much heftier grocery bill than planned. Also, make sure you eat before you go grocery shopping as browsing on an empty stomach can make buying items off the list much more tempting.

Meal Plan

An excellent shopping tip is to plan your meals before you go to the store. Not only will this make the shopping list easier to create, but it will also ensure that you do not have to make a second trip in the middle of the week. Meal planning is also a great way to get the cooking out of the way. If you do your groceries and cook meals for the week, you can easily store the meals you’re going to eat in the freezer and pull them out as needed.

Only Bring the Cash You’re Willing to Spend

If you find that you’re shopping bill seems to increase every time you make a trip, there’s one easy way to solve it: only bring the cash that you’re willing to spend. By doing this, you can ensure that your shopping bill will stay within the budget you’ve set. Once that cash runs out, your shopping spree is over as you cannot spend money that you don’t have.

Before you go out, pull out the amount of cash you’re going to spend and put it in your wallet. If you feel as though you can’t trust yourself not to spend more, leave your debit and credit cards at home. This way, even the greatest temptation won’t make you crack.

Check the Flyers!

Lastly, check the flyers! If you’re going shopping, you must do so with the knowledge of what deals and specials are available. Being aware of the week’s offers will better guide your purchases and help you save money.

reebee enables you to browse the deals offered at your favourite stores, as well as search for needed items. Through reebee’s search feature, you can compare pricing and save products to your personalized shopping list. Be sure to check out reebee’s wide selection of flyers catered to your location. This way, you can plan your shopping list while ensuring it meets your budget.

Smart shopping can save you and your family a considerable amount of money. By utilizing these five money-saving shopping tips, you can ensure that more money is left in your bank account at the end of the week. If you’re interested in viewing more shopping deals, visit our website or download our free mobile app.

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