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Ample Flyer: Latest Weekly Flyer & Tips to Save Money

You don’t have to give up your favourite foods in order to keep your grocery bills low. You can save money when you shop at Ample Food Market by using the latest weekly Ample flyer, which we’ve included below (click on the image). We have also included some handy money-saving tips to help you save even more the next time you go grocery shopping.

This Week’s Ample Flyer

Ample Flyer on Reebee

Click to view this week’s Ample flyer

Tips to Save Money at Ample

1. Eat Before Shopping

Avoid shopping when you are hungry as it may cause you to overspend. Why? When shopping on an empty stomach, customers tend to purchase ready-to-go or easy-to-prepare foods. While these may be quicker to serve, they are often more expensive than doing your own home cooking.

2. Plan your Meals

In order to save time in your busy schedule, you can plan out what you will cook for the week ahead and be prepared with a list of the necessary ingredients. The first step we recommend taking when meal-planning is exploring your local grocery store’s deals of the week. Get a sense of what is on sale and then decide what you want to cook, based on what products you can save on that week. Purchasing cookbooks are not always necessary for getting creative in your kitchen. You can find many free recipes online or by following your favourite food influencers on social media. Try choosing recipes that have common ingredients typically found in your fridge or cupboard – or better yet, ones that often go on sale!

After you have decided on the meals you want to make, you can turn your master ingredient list into a grocery list. If you use a digital flyer app like reebee, you can save the current deals directly to your in-app shopping list. Make sure your shopping trip flows smoothly and efficiently by grouping the ingredients by where they are located in the grocery store. The last step includes spending some hours prepping once you have your groceries. Slice and dice produce, then store it in the fridge for when you’re ready to assemble your meal.

3. Get Cooking at Home 

Prepare home-cooked meals to both eat healthier and save money. Whole foods are less expensive and offer more nutritional value than pre-packaged or processed items. You can always store your leftovers in the fridge or freezer to enjoy later in the week. Instead of adding prepared meals to your shopping cart, save money by purchasing on-sale ingredients and cooking yourself. Click here for ideas to get you started!

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