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Are Walmart Black Friday Deals Online?

Are Walmart Black Friday Deals Online?

Even before COVID, Walmart offered Black Friday deals online to save shoppers time, as well as money. 

Since its humble beginning in 1962, Walmart has been a one-stop shop for all kinds of consumers because it offers kitchen appliances, game consoles, pharmaceuticals, school supplies, electronics, and much more. From their iconic Rollback savings to clearance items to discounts, Walmart is a favourite Canadian retailer offering everything families need!

After establishing Walmart Supercentres in 2006 (offering groceries), Walmart has launched Urban Supercentre concept stores in Ontario that facilitate shopping with the use of the Walmart app. Walmart truly lives up to its tagline “Save Money. Live Better,” by providing Canadians with in-store and online deals.

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Share the Love for Black Friday Savings While Holiday Shopping

The holidays are a time for giving and spending time with loved ones. But shopping for gifts has turned into a competition worthy of its own reality TV show. 

Additionally, you have to fight the crowds to try to get the items on your list before the stock runs out. Some of these items can be large and heavy, even if you’re just moving them from the shopping cart to the car trunk. 

This is why shopping online makes your life so much easier. The only problems you face while shopping from home is maintaining your internet connection and having enough battery life on your laptop or phone. Sounds better than standing in line, doesn’t it?

How Does Walmart Black Friday Online Work?

Find exercise equipment, coffee makers, pet products, home products and everything else during Walmart’s Black Friday sales. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Browse Walmart’s website and flyer for items prior to Black Friday.
  2. Add them to your cart. 
  3. Check out ahead of the rush once the deals start.

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What Time Does Walmart Black Friday Start Online?

The Walmart Black Friday 2020 event started at different times throughout November since it was divided into three events for customers to participate in: November 7th, 14th, and 25th. The store opened on the 27th at 5 a.m. local time.

For 2021, Black Friday is November 26th. Walmart and other retailers in the United States hold a Black Friday sale that has been adopted by Canadians since 2008. And for those curious about the meaning behind the term “Black Friday,” it originates from financial slang. When companies make profits, they’re “in the black,” and when they start losing money, they’re “in the red.”

Will Black Friday Deals Be In-Store and Online?

Yes, Walmart’s Black Friday deals are both online and in store. Walmart also makes it easy for shoppers to get their items by offering curbside pickup and delivery.


Walmart’s curbside pickup makes shopping easier, especially with the pandemic. Customers can do their shopping online at their local Walmart or via their app, and can choose their preferred pickup time. Orders placed before 3 p.m. allows customers to benefit from free same-day pickup. A “ready for pickup” email is sent to customers with all of the instructions on how to retrieve their order.

A Better Shopping Experience with the reebee Smart Shopping App

Before technology was smart, people pored over the circulars from the mail, including Walmart flyers. Some like the tradition that comes with paper, but thinking back, there are probably  many times when those flyers were missing from your Publisac, misplaced around the house, or accidentally recycled. 

reebee’s smart shopping app enables you to still enjoy reading through the deals, but you won’t lose the information as easily. By using reebee, flyers can be accessed at any point in the flyer cycle and even previewed before deals go live. This can be especially helpful with planning your Black Friday shopping.

Plus, using the app or website to view flyers helps you reduce the impact of paper flyer distribution and waste.

reebee gives you access to all of Walmart’s flyers:

  • Weekends
  • Home
  • Baby
  • Weekly Grocery Deals

Get the app now through the Apple App Store or Google Play store to benefit from the convenience of deals right at your fingertips!

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