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Back to School Deals

Back to School Deals

Want to make the most of this year’s back to school deals? Set your kids up with the best school supplies from top brands without paying top dollar. All you need to do is download the free reebee app (for Apple or Android) today. 

The back to school rush is only a few weeks away. With that in mind, save yourself the stress of last-minute shopping and pocket some hefty savings at the same time. How? Find all your kids’ back to school supplies at great discounts through the reebee website or the reebee app. 

Furthermore, reebee provides a convenient and easy-to-use tool that will help you shop smarter this school season. reebee brings together all of the best back to school deals from the most popular stores in Canada.

Save on School Supplies

Backpack and back to school supplies

As everyone learned from the events of 2020, online learning is here to stay. For most, this coming school year is slated to start with in-class learning. Your kids will need all the traditional back to school supplies, such as backpacks, notebooks and pencils

Now that many educational services are established online, the students in your family will need to be ready for remote learning. Set them up for success with the items that will play a large role in their online education.

Laptops & Tablets

A laptop or tablet computer is now the single most important piece of school equipment you can buy. Laptops are used for everything from taking notes and completing projects to watching lectures and taking online assessments from home. Students need a powerful and reliable laptop they can depend on. 

Finding the ideal laptop for the student in your household will depend on their age and level of education. At a minimum, a student’s laptop should have enough RAM and processing power to easily use any programs and platforms provided by their educator. A powerful battery is also an important feature, so your kids don’t have to worry about being near a power source to get their work done. 

A tablet is an affordable alternative to a laptop. Today’s tablet computers can be connected with wireless keyboards and a mouse to provide a lightweight, highly portable substitute. 

For deals on laptops, tablets and electronic accessories, check out the back to school sales from:

Clothing, Shoes, Backpacks & Accessories

Nothing says “back to school” like a new backpack. The best backpacks for today’s students need to be lightweight and durable with plenty of compartments for storage. Students may want to store electronic accessories, charging cables and other school supplies. But your kids will most likely be clamouring for the coolest designs from their favorite brands. Check out these retailers to save on all the latest backpack models: 

Stationery & Art Supplies

If your kids are just starting their education, you will need to stock up on the necessary back to school supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, and craft items (such as scissors, glue, and staples) will be their primary supplies. So, check out these stores to find stationery items your kids will love:

Save on Back to School Shopping with reebee

This year, products such as laptops and tablet computers, headphones, charging cables and other computer accessories will be at the top of most people’s back to school shopping lists.

There are back to school deals to be found for anything your children might need for their education. Thanks to reebee, finding the best deals is easy! Simply download the app (for Apple or Android) to get the best back to school deals at your fingertips!

Woman shopping online

Remember: Many retailers offer online shopping, including free delivery or discounted shipping. Once you find the best back to school deals through reebee, you’ll save time and money by doing your back to school shopping from the comfort of your home!

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