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Contests in Canada at reebee: Your Ultimate Guide

Contests in Canada at reebee: Your Ultimate Guide

Contests at reebee

Contests have been a fundamental part of reebee since the company was established. Since 2012, reebee has been running contests in Canada in order to engage with our users and give them meaningful prizes to help with savings! Along with weekly contests, there are many large annual contests at reebee. Here’s how to find and enter every contest at reebee.

Ongoing Weekly Contests

1. Best Deal

The reebee Best Deal contest opens weekly on Wednesday morning and runs until Thursday at midnight.

2. Guess What

The reebee Guess What contest opens weekly on Saturday morning and runs until Sunday at midnight.

Ongoing Annual Contests

1. Egg Hunt

The reebee Egg Hunt is an annual contest that takes place each year around Easter.

2. Days of Christmas

The reebee Days of Christmas contest is our largest annual contest with over 20 prizes each year. Keep an eye out for updates on reebee Days of Christmas this December!

FAQs about Contests in Canada

1. What is the difference between a contest, sweepstakes, and giveaway?

A “giveaway” is the overarching term which describes a contest or sweepstakes. The main difference between a contest and sweepstakes is that in a sweepstakes, the winner is chosen entirely by chance, whereas in a contest, the winner is chosen based on some type of merit or skill. This is why contests often include a skill-based question for entrants to answer.

2. Why are many contests not available in Quebec?

The reason that many contests are not available for residents of Quebec is because of the strict regulations set out by Quebec’s Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ). Unfortunately, because of these regulations, many sponsors prefer to avoid the extra registration steps and costs of running a contest in Quebec. Despite these barriers, all of our contests here at reebee are available nationally. 

3. Can I enter a contest multiple times?

The amount of times you can enter a contest depends on the rules of that particular contest. Typically, contest entry is restricted to one per person, but there are many contests in Canada that allow multiple entries. For example, reebee’s Best Deal and Guess What contests each allow for 5 entries per person.

4. Are contest prizes taxable in Canada?

No, if you are a Canadian resident, the Canadian Revenue Agency does not require a contest prize winner to pay fees or taxes of any kind on prize winnings. The only exception to this in Canada is on contests or sweepstakes where the prize is a trip. In this case, contest sponsors often require the prize winner to pay travel and airline taxes.

Any more questions about contests in Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

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