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Does Costco Price Match?

Does Costco Price Match?

Does Costco price match? Unlike other retailers, Costco does not price match. However, they can provide a price adjustment in certain circumstances. 

Costco Wholesale stands out among retailers for its Costco membership program and their inventory control. Founded in 1983, it has become the world’s most successful warehouse club. It holds three major values:

  • A commitment to quality
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • A focus on employees

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What is Costco’s Price Match Policy?

Unlike Canadian Tire and Rona, Costco does not have a promotional price match policy or a price match guarantee because the company does not compare its prices to other stores. 

Costco already tries to offer each Costco member a cheaper price than other stores. While price matching at Costco may not be an option, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop there.

Does Costco Make Price Adjustments?

Yes, they do, and we will explain what price adjustments are in case you’re not sure. 

A Costco price adjustment occurs when an in-store or online shopper makes a purchase from Costco, but the price drops after the purchase was made. The Costco price adjustment policy states that any item that goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase can be adjusted to the new price if you bring the receipt back as proof of purchase. 

For online,, orders this requires completing a form. For Costco warehouse purchases inquire at the Returns counter.

When a price match is deemed acceptable, you receive the difference as a refund.  

Keep in mind that Costco usually lowers their prices in December, especially around the time of Black Friday, in an effort to compete with other retailers, including Best Buy and Walmart. During Black Friday, you can request price adjustments at Costco.

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Why Shop at a Costco Warehouse? 

In addition to benefiting from Costco’s price adjustment policy, Costco members can belong to one of three membership tiers:

  • Gold Star Membership: You pay $60 per year to shop at any Costco warehouse. By shopping at Costco on a regular basis, you earn back the money spent to join and more in savings.
  • Business Membership: You pay $60 per year to shop at any Costco. Your purchases are for resale and must show Costco the appropriate resale information.
  • Executive Membership: You pay $120 per year for access to any Costco warehouse, but you also receive an annual 2% in reward on qualified Costco purchases, discounts on various services and benefits on certain Costco Travel products.

If you shop a lot at Costco, Gold Star Executive may be the better option for you because when members spend $3,000 at a Costco Warehouse in one year, Costco will pay you back half of your membership fee. Additionally, memberships can be refunded if you’re not satisfied. 

Costco members can purchase a Costco gift card, also known as a Shop card, that is reloadable and give it to non-members.

A little trick to keep in mind is to look for an advertised price that ends with 97 cents on the tag. It’s a sign that the item is below cost, so you won’t find it at a lower price anywhere else. In addition, if you find a product price tag with an asterisk, this indicates that the item won’t be reordered.

Costco has an impressive return policy because you can return any item at any time, but there are a few exceptions such as electronics, cigarettes and alcohol. 

When you leave a Costco location, staff will review your receipt and ensure that you received all of your items while verifying that you’re satisfied with your savings.

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