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Does No Frills price match? Find all the details you need

Does No Frills price match? Find all the details you need

Yes, No Frills does price match. Their “Won’t Be Beat” program is designed to help customers price match and save money. 

No Frills’ “Won’t Be Beat” Price Match Policy

Below you will find all the details of their policy:

No Frills’ “Won’t Be Beat” Price Match Policy

  • They only price match with major supermarket competitors within the store’s geographical trade area. Each No Frills store has its own list of local competitors that are part of the price match program.
  • Price match is only applicable to departments owned and operated by the No Frills Franchisee or Franchisor (does not apply to Gas Station, Pharmacy nor third party operators, such as Fresh Meat, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Barbecue and Fresh Bakery counters).
  • You can price match only four items.
  • Their policy excludes “spend x get x”, “free”, exclusive email or online pricing offers and discounts obtained through loyalty programs.

You can find their complete price match policy here.

How do you price match at No Frills?

It’s simple. At the checkout, show the cashier a competitor’s digital or print flyer which has the lower price of the identical item (same brand, item type, size etc.). They will sell you that item at the same price. You can show them the competitor’s flyer on your phone using reebee

Price Match at No-Frills using reebee

You can find detailed tips on how to price match in our article Your Ultimate Guide to Price Matching.

ProTips to Save More at No Frills

  • The next time you visit No Frills, look at their flyer first. They have hundreds of deals on produce, meat, packaged goods, and more.
  • Create a shopping list beforehand. It will help you stay organized and reduce the likelihood of you making impulse purchases. Find more tips on how to save on groceries here.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Food products look much more appetizing when you are hungry. Have a snack or meal before heading to the store to make wiser purchasing decisions.

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