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Does RONA Price Match in Canada?

Does RONA Price Match in Canada?

Yes, RONA does price match! When you shop at RONA, their price match policy has consumers in mind and makes it easy to obtain your product of choice at the lowest price. 

RONA will meet the advertised price for identical products offered by any retail competitor, and for some products, they will even beat the price by an additional 10%!

Based out of Quebec but spanning across Canada, RONA stores are a popular spot for building materials, hardware, and professional advice. RONA’s products and team can help you accomplish almost any building or renovation project. 

Operating under the banner of Lowe’s Canada, RONA has been a leading Canadian home improvement company since 1939, now controlling a vast network of more than 375 stores across the country, including independent affiliated dealers.

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Over the years, RONA became an institution among Canadian retailers by offering their customers great pricing and tremendous value. RONA upholds their legacy of great value with an excellent price matching guarantee. 

Let’s take a closer look.

What is RONA’s Price Match Policy?

According to the RONA price match policy, if you find an identical product with a lower retail price sold by local competitors, they will meet the competitor’s price, as long as satisfactory proof is offered and certain conditions are met.

Lowest Price Guarantee on Major Appliances

One of the most important details in the RONA price match policy is their commitment to offering the best pricing on major appliances, such as ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. This means that their price matching policy goes further than most other retailers, amounting to a lowest price guarantee.

If consumers find major appliances,

A) identical to those offered at RONA, at a local retail competitor, such as a Canadian Tire, Home Hardware or Best Buy location

B) the price difference is more than $1.00 lower than RONA’s price

RONA will meet the lower price and beat it by 10%. Now that’s a fantastic deal!

Furthermore, savvy consumers can capitalize on tremendous savings through this often overlooked part of RONA’s price match policy. If, for example, you are about to undertake a kitchen renovation project, the potential savings on new appliances could easily add up to hundreds of dollars by utilizing this policy. That’s a lot of money!

Conditions of RONA’s Price Match Policy

In order to benefit from Rona’s price match guarantee, consumers must demonstrate that the product in question meets the following conditions:

  1. It must be available and in stock at a brick & mortar retail competitor, located within a 25 km radius of a RONA store.
  2. The product in question must be currently in stock at local, competing retail stores.
  3. It must be of the same brand and model number as the product offered at the RONA store.
  4. The competitor price must be for a new item in its original packaging. The price match policy cannot be used for reconditioned, used, damaged, returned, open-box or demonstrator products.

Lower Price Proof

The first condition to satisfy in order to qualify for the RONA price match policy is offering proof that a competing retailer is selling the product in question at a lower price. 

Providing proof is quite straightforward. All you have to do is show a competitor’s ad to representatives at your local RONA. You can do this by showing the cheaper product on reebee. For prices found online, the complete web address of the product page is also sufficient.

*Note – each RONA store can set their own requirements for proof of a lower price. Be sure to call your location before you shop in-store to ensure you will get your deal with their policy.

Are There Exceptions to Rona’s Price Matching Policy?

Indeed, there are exceptions to their price match policy. However, they will rarely apply if consumers make use of the policy in good faith.

The price match policy cannot be combined with other offers, such as a coupon or promo code. Also, the policy is subject to product availability at RONA corporate locations, and affiliated independent RONA dealers reserve the right not to honour the policy at their discretion.

Does the price match policy apply when purchasing a large quantity of items?

You can benefit from RONA’s price match policy within 30 days of purchase at RONA

If, after the fact, you discover that another retailer offered a lower price on an item your purchased, RONA will retroactively apply their price match policy. They will do so as long as you provide proof of both the original purchase and that the competitor’s lower price was in effect at the time of your purchase.

Price Match Stipulations

The RONA price match policy does not apply to the following competitor pricing offers:

  • close-out prices
  • errors in prices or misprints
  • discontinued, used, refurbished or damaged products prices
  • clearance and liquidation offers
  • special orders prices
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday prices and Boxing Day/Week prices
  • member only, employee only, military only, or senior citizen only prices
  • financing offers
  • Services such as rental, delivery, shipping, assembly and installation
  • Prices found on bid and auction websites
  • Gift Cards
  • Competitor’s gift with purchase offers, mail order offers or free/bonus offers
  • Manufacturer coupons or rebates
  • Competitor’s limited or minimum quantity offers
  • Quotes and bids
  • Competitor’s services
  • Products provided by Rona installation services
  • Prices of third-party marketplace sellers
  • Prices found on closeout/discount websites
  • Competitor’s discounts that apply to multiple products at a time (i.e. “buy more, save more” types of discounts)

Does the price match policy apply to online retailers?

Yes, however, RONA’s price match policy applies only to offers from Canadian retailers

This excludes third-party marketplace sellers, auction sites or closeout/discount sites. For example, items sold by the website could qualify for the price match guarantee, but not those from a third-party that uses Amazon.

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