Does Toys “R” Us Price Match?

Does Toys “R” Us Price Match?

When looking for that next birthday or Christmas gift, you might be wondering, “Does Toys “R” Us price match?” It turns out that they do!

Did you know that Toys “R” Us has 81 stores across Canada since it first arrived in 1984?

Since then, the company has sold the kind of well-known and beloved toy brands and baby products kids and parents love, from Disney to LeapFrog, Barbie to Lego, and beyond. Toys do more than entertain; they help children to develop their minds and social skills.

Saving money is reebee’s specialty, so below we’ve provided the information customers are eager to know – everything you need to know about price matching at Toys “R” Us.

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Toys “R” Us Canada does in-store and online price matching to other Canadian retailers’ prices. However, there are different ways in which to request a price match. Additionally, a price match request must follow certain conditions that are outlined below. The store’s policy also provides some exceptions.  

Toys “R” Us Canada Price Match Policy: Conditions

The conditions stipulate: 

  • Price matching is applied to items sold at regular price and those on sale.
  • Toys “R” Us Canada staff price match other Canadian retailers within 14 days of the purchase date, provided that the customer has the original receipt.
  • If a customer bought an item and Toys “R” Us Canada subsequently lowered the price of the item within 30 days of the customer’s purchase date, Toys “R” Us will price match their own item if the customer returns to the store with the original receipt.
  • When requesting an online or in-store price match, the item sold by Toys “R” Us Canada must be identical to items sold at other Canadians retailers.  
  • When customers provide the Toys “R” Us Canada staff with the other Canadian retailer’s advertisement, it must display a current price. The staff will verify the date according to the website, flyer, or receipt the customer provides. Shelf labels or photos of shelf images are not applicable.
  • The advertised item of the other Canadian retailer must be in stock and available for immediate purchase within the same local market area.  

Note: While the conditions specify “Canadian retailers,” there are certain Canadian retailers for which Toys “R” Us will not price match, such as Costco, Amazon, and eBay. The reason for this is because they either offer a membership fee or are a third-party reseller. See the exceptions below.

Toys “R” Us Canada Price Match Policy: Exceptions

Their Price Match Policy does not apply to the following:

  • Offers with limited quantity or door crashers
  • Advertising errors and/or misprints
  • Special Sale prices
    • Online-only offers
    • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
    • Friends and Family
    • Boxing Day/Week
  • Rebates or free/bonus/gift card offers
  • Coupons or Saving cards
  • Canadian retailers that charge a membership fee
  • Online marketplaces or other third-party resellers 
  • Bundled offers
  • Rainchecks
  • Clearance items and clearance centres
  • Closeout and liquidation sales
  • Special financing offers

Note: A Toys “R” Us Canada price match cannot be combined with other offers, but ask the staff if other conditions may apply.

When requesting a price match, it’s important to know the details of a store’s Price Match Policy. Sometimes staff forget certain stipulations or the jargon is open to interpretation. When speaking to the staff, either online or in-person, it’s always best to stay calm, so the issue can be resolved and everyone can enjoy their shopping experience. 

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