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Five Easy Campfire Eats

Five Easy Campfire Eats

It’s almost time for Canada Day celebrations to commence. For many, this is a time spent with family and friends, wearing red and white attire, and enjoying all things Canadian. The long weekend may be spent camping, cottaging, or having a stay-cation at home! Wherever you end up, we hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy some tasty summer eats around the campfire (or on the grill). Use the following suggestions to build your campfire menu, and find the best deals on ingredients using reebee! Enjoy what Canada has to offer while getting the best offers.

poutine in a bowl
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1. Cast Iron Poutine

Who knew you could make this Canadian classic over the fire?


Olive Oil





Vegetable Broth

Soy Sauce

Babybel Cheese

Salt & Pepper

nachos in a bowl
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2. Campfire Nachos

This simple dish is perfect for sharing (or not).


Ground Beef

Jalapeno Pepper

Green Onion

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Iceberg Lettuce



graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate in front of a campfire
Image taken by Jessica Ruscello via Unsplash

3. Classic S’more

Four easy steps for one sweet treat! Read on for instructions.


Graham Crackers


Plain Chocolate Bar

Step 1: Prep two graham crackers, lining one cracker with a piece of chocolate.

Step 2: Roast one marshmallow. Cook until golden brown. The best method is to keep the marshmallow away from the flames, and slowly roast it over the fire’s coals. Rotate your roasting stick frequently to ensure it is cooked evenly.

Step 3: Without touching the roasting stick’s hot end, pull the marshmallow off by sandwiching it between the two graham crackers. Keep the chocolate piece inside as you do this.

Step 4: Lightly press the two crackers together flattening the roasted marshmallow and melting the chocolate.

Step 5: Bon appetit!

s'more with raspberries
Image and recipé from

4. Raspberry S’more

If the original s’more wasn’t quite enough, use this recipe to make this favourite extra decadent.


Graham Crackers


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Nutella)


Powdered Sugar

Banana boat desserts with various toppings
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5. Banana Boat

A Banana Boat is the perfect combination of a s’more and a banana split. It is as quick as splitting a banana in half, covering it with tasty toppings of your choice, wrapping it in tin foil, and placing it over the fire. Get the scoop on nine different kinds here.



Milk Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmallows

Crumbled Graham Crackers

Add a drizzle of maple syrup if you’re feeling extra Canadian!

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