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How to Earn Cash Back on Your Purchases

How to Earn Cash Back on Your Purchases

When it comes to spending money, who doesn’t love to earn cash back on your purchases? The more money we earn back on everyday items, the more we can save for bigger expenses,  like a future family vacation or a new laptop!

We’ve partnered with the free cash back app Ampli to share the best ways to earn dollars and save big.

Let’s get started.

Download Ampli

get ampli

Ampli makes earning cash back on your purchases easy! Lucky for you, just for being here, Ampli is giving a $10 cash back bonus when you join. Use the code REEBEE10 to claim your welcome reward.

Once you’ve downloaded Ampli, securely connect your debit and credit cards so eligible offers can be matched with your purchases. Download the free app here.

Earn cash

One of the perks of joining Ampli isthatmembers can earn real cash, not just points. While points are great, it’s even more rewarding to deposit your earned cash right back into your bank account.

When you shop online or in-store at one of Ampli’s partner brands, you can earn automatic cash back, hassle-free. Once any Ampli member obtains a balance of $15, they have the option to cash out for free by sending themselves an Interac e-transfer.

Check in with Ampli & turn notifications on

Another pro tip is to frequently open your Ampli app, as new offers and rewards refresh on a regular basis. Maximize your earnings by staying connected and turning on Ampli’s notifications. This way, you can stay up-to-date on limited time offers and you’ll  never miss a good opportunity to earn money back on your purchases.

Consider shopping with partner brands

Ampli partners with a wide selection of brands from different shopping categories, such as Rexall, HelloFresh, Michaels and more. Our best advice is to make a list of what you need to buy and explore whether you can purchase those items at any of the participating brands online or in-store. 

Whether you’re shopping for everyday essentials, getting gas, or picking out a gift for a family member, consider shopping with Ampli’s 50+ partner brands to really get the most cash back from your purchases.  

Discover deals

Consider browsing store flyers to save even more. Shop weekly deals on reebee to get the most value for your money. Use reebee’s search tool to find the store you’re looking for, explore their latest offers and save your favourite items to your in-app shopping list.

When you shop online or in-store at one of Ampli’s partner brands, they’ll match your purchases with current offers you can earn cash back on what you spent.

Complete monthly challenges & tell your friends

Cash back offers aren’t the only way members can earn with Ampli. Members can complete monthly Dreamstakes challenges for a chance to win cash and other featured prizes. Participating in Dreamstakes is as easy as doing your regular shopping. When you shop at featured brands, you’ll earn entries into Dreamstakes. Plus, you can easily earn entries by completing monthly surveys. 

With Ampli’s Refer a Friend Program, members have the opportunity to earn a $5 referral bonus when they invite a friend to the app. Both the member and friend will get the bonus when they download and successfully connect a bank account. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Avoid impulse purchases

While getting cash back on your purchases is both fun and rewarding, remember why you got started . . . to save! To really maximize your savings, you’ll want to avoid going overboard on your purchases.

It can be helpful to track what you spend and compare it to what you’re earning back. Another tip is to focus on what you need more often than what you want to really enjoy the benefits of Ampli. .

At the end of the day, saving really doesn’t get any simpler. 

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