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Pharmaprix Flyer: Latest Weekly Flyer & Tips to Save Money

You can save money when you shop at Pharmaprix by using the latest weekly Pharmaprix flyer, which we’ve included below (click on the image). In addition, we have outlined a few simple saving tips to help you cut costs the next time you go shopping.

This Week’s Pharmaprix Flyer

Pharmaprix Flyer on Reebee

Tap to view this week’s Pharmaprix flyer

Tips to Save Money at Pharmaprix

1. Make a Shopping List

It can be difficult remembering all the items you need to buy and it is very easy to place additional products impulsively into your cart while shopping. Use reebee to browse Pharmaprix’s best weekly deals and add items to your in-app shopping list right from their digital flyer! 

2. Limit Shopping Trips

Limit your trips to the store when possible. Make a shopping list and only purchase what you truly need. Planning what to buy ahead in a shopping list can help you focus on what you actually need, saving you both time and money.

3. Buy Store Brands

A cheaper alternative to the expensive brand name items you purchase are off-label foods. Oftentimes, there is no difference in the quality – rather the label looks different.  Be sure to read their labels to compare the products in detail. Some items you could consider substituting to save money include dry goods, canned products, and cleaning supplies.

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