reebee’s World Cuisine Quiz

reebee’s World Cuisine Quiz

This World Cuisine Quiz Will Test How Well You Know Your "Popular Foods"

One of the most famous dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, made with beetroots as one of the main ingredients.

Name this mixed rice dish especially popular in the Indian sub-continent.

Name this traditional Mexican dish originating in the central and southern parts of Mexico.

Name this Naples-style pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

It is the national dish of Peru consisting of slices of raw fish or shellfish that is spiced with salt, onions, and chili peppers, then marinated in lime juice.

This is one of the best known dishes of Austrian cuisine. It is a thinned, breaded, and pan-fried veal cutlet that is traditionally served with a dollop of lingonberry jam, lemon wedges.

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  1. Thank you for the challenge it’s been along time. I catered and love to cook for people have made dishes from different countries. I have not travelled the would but someday hope too.

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