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Tips for Early Christmas Shopping with Supply Chain Disruptions

Tips for Early Christmas Shopping with Supply Chain Disruptions

This year, Christmas shopping is going to look a bit different, and many shoppers are already preparing for this shift. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most effective ways to get everything on your wish list before it’s too late!

1. Shop early

This year, there are a number of global supply chain disruptions that are making it difficult for manufacturers to fulfill orders. Recently, there’s been a shortage in plastic materials and chips for computerized toys. Gas and shipping costs have also increased significantly over the last year, leading to some products being unavailable unless purchased early. 

Experts say that waiting until the beginning of November to purchase toys may already be too late, as shipping periods are longer than usual and many items are replenished more slowly than usual. In order to get other items on your list, shopping early is the easiest way to get ahead of the curve and find all the items you’re looking for.  

2. Be aware of disruptions and what may not be available

If you want the opportunity to get everything on your Christmas shopping list, it’s important to know which items you might not be able to find. According to experts interviewed by CTV News, toys, furniture, appliances, handbags, and clothing are among the most difficult items to obtain because of supply chain disruptions this year. 

3. Price match using reebee

Many large department stores offer price matching to their customers to build loyalty and help shoppers save on items. The reebee app can be used as a tool to search and compare prices from different stores. 

For a comprehensive list of which stores in Canada offer price matching and further information on their price matching policies, visit reebee’s Guide on Price Matching in Canada.

4. Create a shopping list

Creating a Christmas shopping list is super helpful when purchasing gifts. You can create a list directly in the reebee app, finding the cheapest prices on your desired items along the way! A shopping list allows you to save both time and money as you will know exactly what you are looking for and spend less time browsing. 

The best part? You won’t lose your list because it’s on your phone! Refer back to your list while shopping in order to stay focused on buying only the items you need. 

5. Use savings events to your advantage

The ideal time to shop for Christmas gifts is actually during sales events leading up to the holiday season. Oftentimes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can provide better savings  than the deals you’ll find closer to Christmas. During these sales, there is also much more variety to choose from. Taking advantage of these sales events is a reliable way to find savings that you’d otherwise miss out on.

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