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T&T Flyer: Latest Weekly Flyer & Tips to Save Money

We all know shopping is getting more expensive. According to Canada’s Food Price Report, food prices are estimated to increase by 2 to 4% in 2020. Yet, the good news is you can save money when you shop at T&T Supermarket by using the latest weekly T&T flyer, which we’ve included below (click on the image). In addition, we have outlined a few simple saving tips to help you cut costs the next time you shop at T&T. 

This Week’s T&T Flyer

T&T Flyer on reebee

Click to view this week’s T&T flyer

Tips to Save Money at T&T

1. Eat Before Shopping

Consider shopping when you have lots of energy and not on an empty stomach. We’re more likely to buy costly, easy-to-prepare options when tired or hungry.

2. Limit Shopping Trips

Limit your trips to the store when possible. Get what you need for about a week when the store’s flyer goes live. Try to resist making stops for additional groceries when you have plenty at home.

3. Buy in Bulk

When items that you usually consume go on sale, stock up if you have the space. Make sure to check what you already have and be aware of the best before and expiration dates labelled so that you don’t end up wasting what you have or are about to purchase. Buy only what you know you’ll use.

4. Buy Based on Value

Usually, it is cheaper to purchase large packages of products such as produce. You should always try to compare the price of a single portion with a bulkier package. Do so by dividing the total price over the quantity. Make an informed choice about what provides better value.

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