To Our reebee Community: COVID-19 Update

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To our valued reebee users, 

Thank you for your understanding as both our team and our network of Canadian retailers navigate the challenging circumstances presented by COVID-19. 

reebee always strives to facilitate communication between Canadian retailers and consumers. As this situation poses much uncertainty and changes frequently, we want to provide you with timely updates and information from the stores and brands you trust. We believe in providing Canadian shoppers with the necessary information to build confidence in making informed purchasing decisions.

Below, we have compiled the latest statements from Canadian retailers regarding COVID-19, specifically related to sanitation, the health and safety of retail associates, product and stock, deliveries, hours of operation and more. We plan to update and add to this list as we receive more information from our network of Canadian businesses on reebee. 

As well, we have included COVID-19 guidelines from Health Canada. We know you have questions and we hope to provide some clarity as this situation progresses.

Thank you for supporting reebee. We will continue to do our best to support you – our valued community of users, during this difficult time. 

Be well, 

Michal Martyniak & Tobiasz Dankiewicz

Co-founders, reebee Inc.

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Retailer Updates and FAQs Here

Health Canada Guidelines Here

À nos estimés utilisateurs reebee,

Merci pour votre compréhension pendant que notre équipe et le réseau canadien de commerçants de détail naviguent les circonstances changeantes emmenées par le COVID-19.

reebee à toujours pour mission de faciliter la communication entre les commerçants et les consommateurs canadiens. Puisque la situation actuelle amène de l’incertitude et est en évolution constante, nous souhaitons vous offrir dans un délai opportun des mises-à-jour et informations des magasins et détaillants auxquelles vous font confiance. Nous tenons à fournir aux canadien(ne)s les informations nécessaires afin de solidifier leur confiance et capacité de prendre des décisions d’achat éclairées.

Nous avons compilé ci-dessous les derniers communiqués des détaillants canadiens au sujet du COVID-19, qui débordent les sujets de l’assainissement, la santé et sécurité des associé(e)s, les produits et stocks des magasins, la livraison, les heures d’ouverture et plus. Nous mettrons à jour ces ressources dès que nous recevrons de nouvelles informations depuis notre réseau de commerçants canadiens sur reebee.

Également, vous trouverez ci-dessous des consignes de Santé Canada à propos du COVID-19. Vous avez sans doute des questions et nous souhaitons éclaircir comme nous pouvons cette situation pendant qu’elle continue son évolution.

Merci pour votre soutien de reebee. Nous continuerons à donner notre maximum pour vous soutenir également – notre estimée communauté d’utilisateurs, pendant cette période difficile.

Portez-vous bien,

Michal Martyniak & Tobiasz Dankiewicz
Co-fondateurs, reebee inc.

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Mises-à-jour et FAQ des détaillants ici

Consignes de Santé Canada ici

5 thoughts on “To Our reebee Community: COVID-19 Update

  1. Thank you for taking the time to address Covid19. I enjoy your site and appreciate the work you do to keep it going. Again, thank you and stay safe.

  2. God bless you all and give strength to all who is fighting this virus and protect the world from this. I hope this will end soon

  3. I just want to say a great big thank you for everything REEBEE is doing and has done with producing our flyers and also keeping us in the loop with the current situation that is going on globally with the pandemic. I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba and a mother of three boys age 13, 10 and 17 months old.I myself would be lying if I had said that I was not scared of what is going on. Thank you again “you guys “for doing your part in keeping us up-to-date as we can be . The only thing that is hard to find for my family is toilet paper,Lysol wipes and sprays , hand sanitizers; latex gloves and diapers for my baby. Even baby wipes are starting to get very very hard to find. I have been going to my local no-frills and Shoppers Drug Mart which is not too far for me but have had no luck in the toilet paper And cleaning supplies situation. And I do not drive so it is very very hard for me to get anywhere to go look for such items. I am in desperate need of all essential items to keep my family going. I have been going to my local no-frills and shoppers drug Mart which is not too far for me but have had no luck in the toilet paper situation. And I do not drive so it is very very hard for me to get anywhere to go look for such items. I am in desperate need of all essential items to keep my family going.
    ~~ Amanda Ferguson

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