Edmonton, AB
FreshCo Flyers in Edmonton
from Mar. 30, 2023
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FreshCo is a Canadian-owned supermarket chain that sells high-quality, low-cost grocery items, including fresh produce, bakery items, dairy products, frozen foods, and much more.

At FreshCo locations across the Edmonton area, shoppers can enjoy a premium shopping experience without breaking their budget, thanks to the FreshCo flyer. The FreshCo weekly flyers offer new discounts and promotions to help Edmonton residents save big on their weekly groceries.

Save Money Every Time You Shop at a FreshCo Location

Whenever you shop at a FreshCo store in Edmonton, you're getting the best of both worlds: quality products and cheap prices.

FreshCo stores also include a pharmacy that sells over-the-counter medications, prescription refills, among many other services at an affordable price point.

FreshCo differs from other grocery store chains by providing three different guarantees for maximum customer satisfaction.

Double Fresh Guaranteed

The "Double Fresh Guarantee" policy at FreshCo is simple. If you are unhappy with your purchase, FreshCo will replace it and refund your money. Now shoppers won't have to worry about being stuck with the wrong product or an item that did not meet their standards.

In order for this guarantee to be considered valid, shoppers must return the item with a receipt within 14 days after the initial purchase.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

FreshCo raises the bar when it comes to guaranteeing the lowest prices. If any major supermarket chain in the Edmonton area has advertised a product found at FreshCo for a lower price, then FreshCo will beat their price by one cent.

So make sure the next time you're shopping at a FreshCo Edmonton location, use the reebee app to present a local supermarket’s flyer, and get your favourite item at a lower price.

In-stock Guaranteed

If FreshCo sells out of an item they’ve advertised, they will provide you with a rain check and a 10% discount when you return to purchase the product in question.

So, if you can only make it to the grocery store late in the day after everyone else has done their shopping, you can still take advantage of all the hottest deals the FreshCo flyer has to offer.

Find Great Deals at FreshCo with reebee

The reebee app is free and easy to use, providing you with on-demand access to the most recent FreshCo grocery flyer. With the reebee app, you can also create customized shopping lists and compare prices from your phone, to stay organized and find the best value.

Start taking advantage of the best deals every time you shop. Download the reebee app today on all your Apple or Android devices!

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