Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire
Kamloops, BC
Canadian Tire Flyers in Kamloops
from Jun. 8, 2023
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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Kamloops Flyer Overview

Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd., is one of Canada's most recognizable retailers. Both online and in-store, get anything from automotive equipment and sporting goods to outdoor living products, home decor, fitness equipment and more.

What auto services are available from Canadian Tire Kamloops?

Canadian Tire offers a wide selection of auto services at their garage locations. These services include tire changes, fixing flat tires, oil changes, diagnostics, and much more.

What can I save on in the Canadian Tire flyer?

Canadian Tire offers sales on a wide variety of products through their weekly flyers. These discounts often include household supplies, kitchen necessities, sporting goods, fitness equipment, and auto parts.

Why are online prices different from those in-store?

Although Canadian Tire strives to ensure that prices online match up with what you see in-store, there can still be inconsistencies because of various sales promotions and between various regions. These prices are also subject to change and often do so because of market conditions.

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