Club Piscine
Club Piscine
Laval, QC
Club Piscine Flyers in Laval
from May. 31, 2023
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Club Piscine

Club Piscine Laval Flyer Overview

Club Piscine is a family-owned business that focuses on helping Canadians enjoy the outdoors by offering swimming pools, spas, barbecues, and fitness equipment. Club Piscine is the largest retailer of fitness equipment in Quebec, a feat they achieved through unmatched customer experience and innovative product offerings at their 42 franchise locations.

When is the upcoming Club Piscine Laval flyer released?

Club Piscine releases a monthly flyer during the first week of each month.

Can you price match at Club Piscine?

No, you cannot price match at Club Piscine.

What products are usually on sale in the Club Piscine flyer?

Club Piscine flyers frequently feature large furniture items such as patio sets, as well as fitness equipment, pool supplies, barbecues, hot tubs, and more.

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