Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale
Montreal, QC
Costco Wholesale Flyers in Montreal
from Mar. 20, 2023
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Costco Wholesale

Costco Montreal Flyer Overview

Costco Wholesale is an American multinational retailer, which aims to keep costs low as possible for their customers. With 21 locations in Quebec, Quebec residents can take advantage of these low prices across the province. To make these savings possible, Costco offers various memberships that are required to shop at their stores, in most cases. Costco flyers offer a great opportunity for customers to get even more value out of their membership.

How many Costcos are there in Montreal?

Costco has 3 locations in Montreal.

Does Costco sell wine?

Yes, Costco locations in Montreal do carry a limited selection of wines. However, they do not carry beer in Montreal. The only Canadian province that currently has a beer selection in its Costco stores is Alberta.

Is Costco open on Thanksgiving in Montreal?

Costco remains open during the Thanksgiving holiday in Quebec, despite closing in other provinces like Ontario and Alberta. However, Costco does not deliver in Quebec on Thanksgiving.

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