Montreal, QC
Maxi Flyers in Montreal
from Mar. 30, 2023
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Staying up to date on great deals and weekly promotions via the reebee app will help you save big. For example did you know that you can view the digital Maxi flyer on the reebee app and shop in-store or use it while doing online shopping? It’s true, and it’s totally up to you.

You can complete your shopping list from top to bottom by finding food as well as household medical, and beauty products all in one place. And with a digital Maxi flyer, you can add items directly to your shopping list on the reebee app before you even get to the store!

Not only can you review the current weekly flyer but you can also get sneak peeks at upcoming Maxi flyers wherever you go. reebee helps you stay connected 24/7 so that you can search for current deals and compare prices at your convenience.

While most people prefer shopping in-store it’s always nice to have the option to safely shop online as well. Browse the Maxi flyers now!

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