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London Drugs Flyers in Nanaimo

Current London Drugs Flyers

London Drugs Nanaimo Flyer Overview

London Drugs is a retail pharmacy and department store chain based in Richmond, British Columbia. With locations throughout Western Canada, London Drugs has been serving Canadians with a variety of products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, housewares, and more.

Does London Drugs ship Canada-wide?

Yes, with the exception of the territories, London Drugs will deliver to every province in Canada. A higher delivery fee may apply to eastern provinces such as Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

When does the next London Drugs flyer come out?

London Drugs flyers are released on a weekly basis every Friday. They also often have different flyers for special sales events throughout the year.

Where did London Drugs get its name?

As you may have guessed, London Drugs was named after London, England, which at the time was home of Canada’s king, George VI.