Saskatoon, SK
Cabela's Flyers in Saskatoon
from Mar. 16, 2023
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Cabela's Saskatoon Flyer Overview

Cabela’s is an outdoor recreation brand and large retail store that sells a variety of products related to outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and much more.

When will the next Cabela's Saskatoon flyer come out?

Cabela’s flyers are not released on a consistent basis, as they typically only come out for their specific sales and promotions throughout the year. When they do have flyers available, these are typically released on Thursdays or Fridays.

Does Cabela’s ship in Canada?

Yes, Cabela’s makes use of both Canada Post and UPS courier services, meaning they can deliver wherever those services are available.

Can I return an online order to a Cabela’s store?

Yes, for the majority of products purchased online or using the catalog, you may return it to a physical Cabela’s location for an exchange or refund within 60 days of purchase with a valid receipt. Items can also be returned via mail.

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