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Canadian Tire Flyers in Sherbrooke

Current Canadian Tire Flyers

Canadian Tire Sherbrooke Flyer Overview

Canadian Tire is a retail chain specializing in automotive equipment, hardware, sporting equipment, and more. Founded in 1922, Canadian Tire is one of the largest retailers nationwide, offering sales and discounts frequently through weekly flyers and other promotions.

When is the upcoming Canadian Tire flyer released?

Canadian Tire Sherbrooke weekly flyers are released each Thursday.

Does Canadian Tire offer price matching?

No, as of August 5th, 2022, Canadian Tire no longer offers price matching for their products. For more information on this change and how you can find savings in store, check out our Canadian Tire price matching guide here.

What products are usually on sale in the Canadian Tire flyer?

Canadian Tire offers sales on a wide variety of products through their weekly flyers. These discounts often include kitchen necessities, household supplies, sporting goods, and auto parts.