Al Premium Food Mart
Al Premium Food Mart Flyers
from Jun. 1, 2023
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Al Premium Food Mart

Al Premium Food Mart Flyer Overview

Al Premium Food Mart is a supermarket with locations in the Greater Toronto Area, that carries products from most of Southeastern Asia, Europe, and North America. Alongside their three standalone locations, Al Premium Food Mart also has five in-store locations at Walmarts in the Toronto and Vancouver areas. Their weekly flyer offers a great opportunity for shoppers to save on their groceries.

When will the next Al Premium Food Mart flyer be released?

The Al Premium Food Mart flyer is released weekly on Thursdays.

Can you price match at Al Premium Food Mart?

No, Al Premium Food Mart does not have a price matching policy. All items in the store are sold at the price stated. For a list of Canadian grocery stores that do offer price matching, check out our guide on price matching in Canada here.

What items can you save on in the Al Premium Food Mart flyer?

This flyer includes a wide variety of deals on grocery items. These deals often include produce such as lettuce and grapes, meat such as chicken breast and beef shank, as well as prepared meals like General Tso’s chicken and salt-and-pepper shrimp.

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