Co-op Flyers

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Co-op Flyer Overview

Co-op is a group of more than 160 local independent co-operative associations across Western Canada. They are owned by members of the community and include grocery stores gas stations and more.

What does it mean when a store is co-op?

Co-op is a consumer-owned cooperative business that is owned and managed by the people who use the store.

When is the upcoming Co-op flyer released?

The Co-op flyer is released every Wednesday.

Can you price match at Co-op?

Co-op does not offer price matching.

What products are usually on sale in the Co-op flyer?

In the Co-op flyer there are often sales on:

  • Produce: cherries cucumbers, peaches

  • Dairy products: cheese, ice cream

  • Meats: pork, chicken, bacon, salami