London Drugs Flyers

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London Drugs Flyer Overview

The first London Drugs was opened in 1945 in Vancouver. Now the drugstore has expanded throughout Western Canada. London Drugs is a pharmacy and sells other products like cosmetics small kitchen appliances and more.

Who is the owner of London Drugs?

London Drugs is owned by H.Y. Louie Co.

Why is London Drugs called London Drugs?

The drugstore was named after London England where Canada’s King George VI was from.

Is London Drugs Canadian owned?

London Drugs is 100% Canadian owned.

When is the upcoming London Drugs flyer released?

The London Drugs flyer is released on Thursdays.

Can you price match at London Drugs?

Yes you can price at London Drugs. They will match the price if it is advertised in print at a competitor’s store or they will match it up to 30 days after. More information on price matching can be found here.

What products are usually on sale in the London Drugs flyer?

In the London Drugs flyer you can often find these items on sale: toiletries like sunscreen; supplements and vitamins; small home appliances and decorations.