Pharmaprix Flyers

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Pharmaprix Flyer Overview

Pharmaprix is the name of the Shoppers Drug Mart chain in Quebec. It has over 1300 stores throughout Canada. Pharmaprix stores are pharmacies with health and personal care products as well as some groceries.

Is Shoppers the same as Pharmaprix?

Yes Pharmaprix is the name of Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Quebec.

When is the upcoming Pharmaprix flyer released?

The Pharmaprix flyer is released on Thursdays every week.

Can you price match at Pharmaprix?

No Pharmaprix does not have a price matching policy.

What products are usually on sale in the Pharmaprix flyer?

In the Pharmaprix flyer there are often sales on:

  • Toiletries: lotion facial cleansers, mouthwash

  • Electronics: laptops, tablets, Polaroid cameras

  • Groceries: cheese, cereal, juice, frozen entrées