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Provigo Flyer Overview

Provigo is a grocery retailer based in Quebec, Canada, with over 300 store locations and franchises throughout the province. It is owned by Loblaws Canada Ltd. and sells groceries including meat and poultry, produce, baked goods, frozen foods and more.

Can you price match at Provigo?

No, Provigo does not offer price matching at their in store locations, just like Loblaws. To find out how you can save on groceries in Canada, check out our price matching guide here.

How often does Provigo release their flyers?

Provigo releases weekly flyers containing a wide variety of deals every Thursday. These sales are then active until the following Wednesday.

Does Provigo offer pharmacy services?

Yes, many Provigo locations have a pharmacy on-site and will assist with filling prescriptions, give guidance on what medications to use and how to use them, and more.