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from Mar. 16, 2023
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Find low prices and great deals for Back-to-School Christmas Summer, and every day in between! With digital Walmart flyers always at your fingertips, you can shop online or in-store for groceries, supplies, furniture—everything under the sun to make your life easier.

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Many go to Walmart stores in Toronto and breathe easier knowing they can purchase everything they need at affordable prices. Get the best offers on everything for your home yard and even your dorm room. The Walmart flyer provides convenience, so you can shop with peace of mind and more money in your pocket.

Take advantage of the lowest prices for items under dozens of categories including:

  • Frozen & Fresh Food

  • Online Electronics

  • Home Essentials

  • Home & Décor

  • Clothing & Fashion Accessories

  • Bakery & Deli

  • Pets

Walmart is a company that offers Canadian American and international brands, allowing customers to enjoy a varied search for new products.

Depending on the location Walmart Canada provides multiple services such as:

  • Free Walmart Grocery Pickup

  • Walmart Photo Centers

  • Pharmacy

  • Vision Centers

  • Auto Care Centers

  • Tire & Lube Express.

Use the digital Walmart flyer on reebee to shop for deals both online and in-store. One of the best parts of using the reebee app is that you can add items from any store’s digital flyer directly to your shopping list!

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